About Us

About The Institute

The American Health Policy Institute (AHPI) is a think tank within HR Policy Association, a corporation non-profit 501(c)(6), established to examine the impact of health policy on large employers and to explore policies that will help bolster the ability of large employers to provide quality, affordable health care to employees and their dependents. The Institute serves to provide thought leadership grounded in the practical experience of America’s largest employers.

Over the next several years, legal and regulatory changes may lead employers to engage in a major transformation of how they choose to provide health benefits. With this in mind, the Institute:

  • Looks at the challenges employers face in providing health care to their employees and provides explanations as to how they are responding to those challenges;
  • Provides Chief Human Resources Offices with insights and information about the evolving health care landscape to assist in shaping their broader talent management strategies;
  • Studies and publicizes current best practices and innovations coming on line that will help large employers bring medical inflation in line with inflation generally;
  • Recommends policy solutions to promote the availability of truly affordable, high-quality, employer-based health care; and
  • Monitors and engages with legislators, staff and administration officials to advocate member perspectives on key issues.

The Institute's white papers and policy briefs examine a host of key health care issues, including price transparency, the factors influencing employer decisions regarding their role in providing health care coverage to their employees, and the impact of possible changes in the tax code on employment-based care.

The Institute's Chair is David A. Rodriguez, Executive Vice President and Global Chief Human Resources Officer, Marriott International, Inc. Chuck Columbus, former Chief Human Resources Officer at Kaiser Permanente, is its CEO. The Institute is guided by an Advisory Board consisting of 17 Chief Human Resources Officers and Total Rewards Officers from America's largest employers